Strategic Information Technology Challenges

Stiffening competition, renewed focus on the customer, sales and service process reengineering, right-sizing, convergence, globalization, emerging opportunities, rapidly evolving technologies...

The new realities of the 21st Century economy are presenting management in business and government with major challenges as well as major opportunities.

Information Technology Strategy

Information technology is taking on an increasingly strategic role. Beyond managing information, management information systems are being challenged to help keep their enterprise ahead of the competition, improve customer service, increase productivity and, in general, contribute to the bottom line by enabling the organization do more with less.

Change and Transition Management is Critical

Over the past five years, change and transition management has become a recognized business discipline. The discipline of managing the people–side of change is a critical component of organizational success for all business or technology change projects and any organizational transformation.

Risk and Recovery Management

The state of readiness in the areas of Business Continuity, Risk Management and Disaster Recovery planning and preparations varies vastly from organization to organization. Numerous existing and overlapping methodologies, new standards and information overload often keep organizations from assessing and securing an appropriate level of readiness.

Privacy and Security Issues

Organizations operating in Canada are required to comply with privacy legislation and are expected to measure up to their clients’ expectations in the collection, handling and safeguarding of their personal information. A passive approach of minimum compliance with regulations no longer suffices in today’s privacy and security conscious environment.

Meeting such extraordinary challenges calls for extraordinary resources. Management resources.

The GNA Consulting Group is an extraordinary management resource, providing valuable perspective and practical solutions to these challenges.

Plans are only
good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into
hard work.

— Peter F. Drucker

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