Remko de Haas

Specific Experience

IT Strategy & Management

For a leading multinational food producer, Remko defined the IT-strategy and was responsible for the realization of new production facilities including state-of-the-art IT and robotic warehouse technology in Sweden, Poland and Denmark. Besides these projects he was also involved in the outsourcing of ERP systems to third parties. These roles included responsibility for selection and transition.

He was responsible to complete the IT integration for a dairy producer that was the result of the merger of two predecessor companies. This assignment involved responsibility for both the business applications and the IT organization.

At a large garden retailer with 57 stores in Europe, Remko defined a new IT strategy which resulted in significant changes to point of sale, ERP and e-commerce applications and systems. Following this assignment, acting as CIO, he reorganized the IT organization and managed the turnaround and implementation of new business critical systems.

For an USA based manufacturer he defined their European IT strategy and and played a leading role in the definition and roll-out of a business and IT blueprint.

He defined the IT and e-commerce strategy for a sports retailer in support of a multi-channel growth strategy.

At a mid-sized energy producer and distributor of district heating, Remko defined the IT strategy and was responsible for the selection and implementation of ERP and CRM systems.

Supply Chain Management

At a leading worldwide operating food retailer, Remko was project manager for the redesign of a supply chain that was based on Effective Consumer Response (ECR) principles. He was also involved in the definition of a new fresh strategy for acquisitions in Northern and Eastern Europe.

Working with the catering business partners of a large airline, he redefined the business to deliver a new state-of-the art catering supply chain. The project developed a tailored catering concept for both business and economy passengers. This project was completed on time and resulted in 15% cost savings.

For a national fashion retailer Remko defined its Far East supply chain, sourcing new suppliers and introducing value added logistics.

For an oil drilling company Remko executed a feasibility study related to proposed improvements to the supply of the drilling rigs which operate all around the world.

Project and Program Management

For a national drugstore chain with more than 500 stores Remko was responsible for the transition process from a wholesaler to a retailer. As the responsible program manager reporting to the CEO this involved both a redesign of the organization and implementation of new ERP systems.

At an international exhibition organization Remko was the project leader responsible for defining and realizing cost savings as part of a companywide turnaround program. By insourcing IT resources and standardizing business applications he was able to deliver a 40% cost savings.

Remko defined a shared service organization for an international operating engineering firm where the legal, HR and IT support services were centralized.

For a large water company Remko defined new project management standards and skills. He also trained the staff and supported the project managers as coach during start-up.

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Remko de Haas

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